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Kit Yourself Out Like an A Lister and watch the heads turn!

Yes, a personal stylist is missing. There are not as many red carpet events. Your face is not on the cover page of leading glossies. You may not be enjoying celebrity status but why should you look any less? Kit yourself out like an A Lister and strut your stuff every day. After all, the entire world is your stage!

Too many cooks might spoil the broth but there can never be too many clothes, shoes , and lace front wigs in a woman’s closet. The bottom line is the make, the labels and the design. To kit yourself out like an A lister, following celebrity fashion is a reliable starting point and taking stock of one’s assets and drawbacks is an absolute necessity. Geography has a lot to do with your fashion statement. Invest in clothes and accessories which suit the weather, keep in mind a typical day at work and the demands that come with it, take into consideration the reason behind a meet up or party and dress accordingly. Is all of this possible while looking like a million dollars? Yes, if you kit yourself out like an A Lister.

Endless shopping trips are not the answer to a stylish wardrobe. Sticking to the basics is a cardinal rule, especially at the workplace. If western formals are what you wear to work, then invest in a Victoria Beckam 2013 collection for instance to get an instant chic, exclusive look . The line which has smart dresses and trousers are ideal for the workplace and they give the wearer a luxurious day look. What sits prettily on the shoe rack reflects your personality. Ankle boots, wedges and pumps in basic shades of black, tan and brown complete the formal attire. GoJane, Clarks or Carlton, the list is endless and so is their affordable range. Leather briefcases have undergone serious makeovers in the recent past and the ultra modern rolling briefcase is a delight. Not only do they encase laptops, they have room and compartments for personal effects such as make up and toiletries. Choose from international brands such as McKlein and Coakley to create the ultimate globe- trotting image. Kit yourself out like an A lister for a less formal outing sporting a signature Baggit piece.

To kit yourself out like an A lister you have to keep abreast of the latest trends in makeup. If the foundation and mascara have been in your little purse for over a year, it is time to scout the retailers for fresh products. With a little advice from a makeup artist you can arrive at informed decisions as to what to stock up on to plump up your lips, create mystery in your eyes, conceal those irritating marks and look your best every day. Rather than be in awe of fast changing trends, taking what you need from the latest will do the trick. Beauty balm creams which are way lighter than heavy foundation, glamorous matte lipstick in burgundy, eye shadow in warm autumn shades – all of these are in vogue. The woody undertones of a Dior perfume can only add to your allure. Finally don’t forget your hair, there are many options out there today, such as hair extensions for that longer length, pony tails wigs and lace front wigs all these hair accessories are used by lady gaga check out the lady gaga wigs at The trick to stay informed, to choose a product to suit your needs and shine like a superstar.


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